Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Product Review: Venus® Embrace Sensitive

Description: A new five-blade razor from Gillette focused on 
women with sensitive/easily irritated skin. 

The First Impressions: I enjoyed how the packaging I was sent included two blades, the razor is FIVE blades. I don't recall ever having a five-blade razor, so I was excited to try it out. Also, I have very easily irritated underarm skin, so I was hoping this would alleviate it.

The Great: On my legs, the Embrace gave an epically close shave and I didn't even need shaving cream, due to its moisturizing bar surrounding. I have ZERO razor burn on my legs, and almost no red bumps and skipped spots. There were zero cuts as well, this was a very easy shave.

The Not-So-Great: I really wanted this to be great on my underarms, but it didn't quite make the grade. I think a lot had to with the blades (and moisturizer's) size, but I had difficulty getting a clean shave, and there a bit of burning still, however, they was much less red, irritated skin.

Conclusion: Overall, I will probably repurchase for my legs, because it was a straight shooter on my legs. However, for my underarms it just didn't cut it, thought it could be a different case for others, I just fumbled too much with it.

Note: I received this product complimentarily from for review purposes. 

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