Monday, September 8, 2014

4Paws #1: Ocean Beach Dog Park

Happy four days from Friday! (Can you tell I'm not a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday person??)

Let's kick off this week with a place I frequent on weekends, especially Sunday mornings, the Ocean Beach Dog Park. Now, yes, I'm aware this is practically a cop out as far as 'dog-friendly' places are concerned, however, not all dog parks locally are created equal. This is more of a list of what to look for, and pros of the dog park

First, this is my little superstar, Kennedy, basking in the gloriousness that is his favorite grassy spot in the park, and possibly the whole city.

"Mom, stop taking photos and just throw my ball please :)"

Why Do We Love this Dog Park?

  • It's well-maintained, and there's a quite large fully-fenced and secure space for Kennedy to roam free while I can be at the other end of the park in the shade. 
  • I love larger dogs, I grew up with multiple Dobermans, however, we love that there are two completely separate areas for smaller (30 lbs and under) and larger dogs to play. We've taken Kennedy on to the larger side a handful of times on his more rambunctious days, since there is much more room on that side. However, being an owner of a smaller dog that is not accustomed to playing with dogs larger than him, having two sides is great as an added safety measure. 
  • Back to the fully-fenced point for a moment, this is surprisingly not as common as you would expect, and this isn't a wooden 'kind of' fence, this is a 5-foot wire fence, and the entrance is the two-gated entry, which is even more added safety. 
  • Also, I've only run into a couple minor issues with other dogs/owners here, most are pretty attentive to their dogs, and discipline when needed. 
An Overview of the Park:

Isn't the view absolutely gorgeous?

What Do We Look For In A Dog Park?
  • Is it fully-fenced? We've encountered a few dog parks that are only partially fenced, which why bother at all? One day, Kennedy will be completely off-leashed trained, however, he is still pretty young, and we're still tackling basic leash training. 
  • Is it well-maintained and clean? There's nothing more frustrating than a park that is all dirt, covered in dog waste and puddles. For the safety and health of your dog, aim for a place that has a park crew cleaning up weekly. 
  • Is the park one with considerate dog owners? I am treading lightly on this, because every dog is different, but if your dog is not comfortable around energetic and excited dogs, considering keeping them on a leash and walking the perimeter the first few times at a new park.  Let them feel safe at their own pace in the new setting.
At the end of the day, you know what's best for your four-legged family member, this is just what we look for when searching for Kennedy's next big day out :)

-Courtney & Kennedy

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