Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Soulful Sunday (by way of Tuesday)

Hello Sunday Evening,

I've come to cherish my weekends more than any other days in the week. Mainly, I get to spend time at home and with my pets, like millions of others. And with Sunday, comes a weekly reflection, which I'll quantify with a quote, photo and song.

Quote of the Week: 

Something that I need to remind myself when things get stressful either at work or home or with family. It's one of those calming reminders, and yes It's from #SuperSoulSunday herself, Ms. Oprah.

Photo of the Week:

This was me (photo below not actually me) this weekend, getting lost in some fall reading (look for a post later this week about them), and the weather here was finally getting cooler and almost acceptable sweater weather for southern California.

Song of the Week:
Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix) - This is one of my most cherished tracks ever. It's a heartwarming, hopeful song, promising the miracle that is the city of lights. It reminds me that anything and everything is possible as long as you dream for it. Nothing is unattainable, something I've been teaching myself this year.

Listen here:

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