Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Read This, Drink That #1: I Like You Just The Way I Am - Jenny Mollen

First off, a quick rundown of what Read This, Drink That is: It's a weekly Wednesday segment, where I pick a topical or popular novel and after reading, pair it with a beer that encompasses the overall feeling of the book, and my 'tasting notes' about the book.

It is rare I find a book that doesn't have me aimlessly checking my phone after every chapter. Let alone capture my interest in such a way that I start and finish a book over the course of eight hours on a Saturday. Jenny Mollen's debut memoir, I Like You Just The Way I Am does just that with effortless ease.

She crafts in the writ and humor that reminds you of Chelsea Handler, and has you laughing out loud just as much if not more. I received a copy of her book to review in part of the Books √° la Mode book club and purposely went into reading it blind so I wouldn't have any expectations

tasting notes

This reads as if you were reading texts from your best friend of years, and they were recanting their latest questionable escapes. Once you start, it's quite impossible to put down, she pulls you in from the first story about her romantically and alcoholically insatiable mother rigging her into Baja California escapades and living la vida San Diego lifestyle.

It's also comforting to realize, as you traverse within her stories, that someone out there is just as batshit as the rest of us women living in the time of our CSI-style Social Media investigations. She gets down and dirty about befriending her husband's (who is Jason Biggs) ex by stalking in her own special way. Jenny also shows the reader that we are all weirdly attached and spoil our own 'Teets', and that's a thing and it's not going away.

The latter part of the novel chronicles moments of debauchery, that could only occur within the confines of Los Angeles (and a couple weekends in Las Vegas), are as hi-jinks packed as you would expect. You'll understand all too well losing a member of your own wolf pack in Vegas. And yes, I unfortunately, only pictured Jason's sister, Veronica, as Snooki as a teacher, the entire time.

From a beach read, to a plane ride read, to a weekend vacation read, this fits the bill on all accounts, for those that enjoy uncensored humor about being a women and marrying an actor and having two egotistical, questionable, yet lovable parental units. The stories never take themselves to seriously and you'll find yourself laughing out loud at some of her signature lines, including ones about Emojis and pizza revelations.

beer pairing: Twisted Manzanita Ales - Chaotic Double IPA

Just like Jenny Mollen and her stories, Twisted Manzanita's Double IPA is strong and tells-it-like-is, with its super hoppy exterior from first taste. There's also a nice citrus sweetness rounding out the flavor, playing up Jenny's 'kill them with kindness' attitude, be it for the benefit of her own curiosity or not, she's still a sweetheart throughout. Lastly, her life is a bit Chaotic, like the namesake of the beer, but the beer isn't too brash and Jenny seems to balance everything in the end with great optimism as us girls all should.


  1. I agree, "I Like You Just The Way I Am" has been a good read so far and I can't wait to finish it. Jenny's writ and humor is similar to Chelsea Handler, but I feel she is witter. :)

    I also enjoyed your blogs and will be following you, even though I'm mot one of the "girls"

    David (

    1. You'll love the ending, the last half has my favorite story in it, about her father, to not give anything away. Also, thank you for following, not everything will be all-girl, I promise!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, girl! This is fabulous! Jenny definitely reminds me of Chelsea (I was a huge fan of Are You There, Vodka? and Chelsea Chelsea, Bang Bang) and she had me laughing out loud from the very first page. This chick is definitely crazy, but she's shameless about it; her outrageous, inappropriate, but entertaining stories bring out the "craziness" in all of us, while making everyone laugh at the same time.

    On another note, I love your Read This, Drink That idea—books and booze, what could be better?! Looking forward to more segments in the future!!

    1. Yes! I'm a huge fan of Are You There, Vodka? as well, and saw some similarities between the two. She's just enough of a shameless promoter of her 'crazy' to make it seem almost justifiable when you add knee-slapping humor.

      Thank you as well, I'm really excited about this segment. Beers and books go together in my life more often than not, why not share the two?

    2. This was a book that made me realize I could be crazier! I am stopping by from the Jenny Mollen Book Club! I am about half way done and there were times that I really laughed and other times that I wanted to meet up with Jenny and have a good time! This has been a great read so far!