Friday, September 12, 2014

September's Fresh Beat Friday

May I be the first one to tell you, it is once again my favorite day of the week, FRIDAY!

Get your groove on this morning and start the day off right with the following list, conveniently located in a Spotify playlist (scroll to the bottom of the post), of my favorite new tracks I have on repeat.

  1. Mary Lambert - Secrets - Think back to the Macklemore fandom of last year, you'll find Mary Lambert making an appearance on the viral 'Same Love'. She's releasing her own solo tracks, and this one reminds us that we're not perfect, so stop trying to hide your secrets/imperfections. I'm a sucker a brass-section in a pop song as well, and a good traffic singalong. 
  2. Glass Animals - Black Mambo - Okay, first off, you MUST listen to their entire album ZABA. If you ever wondered what the Cheshire Cat would listen to, this would be it. Black Mambo is a great started track for those new to Glass Animals. There's just enough of a sticky hook to keep you wanting more, but there's a excellent 4:00am vibe backing that up, making this venomous combination you just have to hear.  
  3. Meg Myers - Desire - You know that plate-throwing, photo-burning, deep, lingering anger? Meg Myers grabs the heart of that anger, and proceeds to lay it out all in the open. We've all been here at least once, yelling something similar to her 'How do you want me?' over and over. 
  4. Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance - I've been following Walk The Moon since 2011 when they played their first West Coast show ever, which I blogged about back then. Anyways, a few hit songs and a world tour later, they are back from the studio with new infectious indie hits under their belt. Shut Up and Dance is the first official release and contrary to their first single 'Anna Sun', the lyrics are much less likely to be misinterpreted. So, shut up and dance to this surefire radio baby. 
  5. Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were - When Every Kingdom was released in 2011, I listened to that album almost non-stop for about eight months, and rekindle my love for it every six months or so. This new single from his forthcoming sophomore album is just as I would have hoped for it to sound. Then again, it's another song about lost love, and I wish people would stop breaking his heart. Nonetheless, this is the perfect kick-off song to the magic that is Autumn. All hail acoustic darlings and hot chai tea on cool October evenings!
  6. Allah-Las - Every Girl - No, that's not Gidget you see trying to catch a wave, and you're not transported inside an episode of Mad Men goes LA. It's just the retro-rock outfit, 'Every Girl' is the B-Side to their new single, 'Had It All' (which you could swear is a The Doors song). This is just the most perfect 'SoCal' song of the moment. Let's be honest, you needed a new one since that darn 'Sweater Weather' song, definitely hasn't much sweater wearing this year. 
  7. Vance Joy - Georgia - Le sigh, the hotly anticipated and swooned over Vance Joy debut album is here, and thank god. I needed something other than 'Riptide' to satisfy my needs. The entire album is a rainy Sunday morning, but 'Georgia' is my song du jour/demain. It's this innocent and folk trip away from the 2014 'Ho Hey' that is 'Riptide'. 
  8. Jaymes Young - Come Back For Me - There's not any better to describe than this is song aptly fit for the 'Drive' soundtrack. It's one of those that will hold your emotions hostage for four-and-a-minutes, and hold your head up as you speed down a freeway at 2:35am. 
  9. Jon Bellion & Audra Mae - Luxury - YAY, Brass, Indie, and Hip-Hop all in one. It's like my guilty pleasure trifecta. except this is not a track I want to hide. I love the focus on vocals entangled with a simple beat. It also has hip-hop-ish verses slow enough I can attempt to sing-along to while driving. Because guaranteed, someone will see me. 

Have a beautiful weekend :) 

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