Monday, September 1, 2014

The All-New Adventures of Tilt Shift Twenty!

Since I last wrote a blog that did not end up rejected in my lengthy list of drafts, it was January. I was not an international traveller, a future bride, and still 24. How times have changed in the past eight very short months.

In those thirty-two weeks, mainly in the most recent six, I've been re-designing Tilt Shift Twenty to better fit my intended audience, and most importantly myself. While the finalized aesthetics and personalized domain will be decided this coming month, the content has been transformed, edited, organized, and edited again.

Why relaunch?
Earlier this year, my blog became dictated by reviews of products I was sent, and left me little room for much else that fulfilled my need to creatively express myself outside my current career. Additionally, indulging in boxed wine on a Wednesday isn't a legitimate career.

What's new?

Every Monday starting next Monday, I'll be taking you along to local San Diego (and Southern California) businesses that aren't just 'dog-tolerant' but are 'actually' dog-friendly. You'll meet my four-legged superhero Kennedy who will be the true reviewer :)

The weekly segment I'm most excited about I'm leaving a surprise until its premiere this Wednesday. Stay Tuned!

Lastly, on Fridays, I'll have my free day to rant, rave, review what ever I'd like. This is where you'll see periodic wedding planning updates, life updates, and my soap box.

Come along with me on this new endeavor, this month includes Jenny Mollen's new novel, and a Benefit Cosmetics party! :)

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