Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mid-Week Motivation

It's usually Wednesday when my brain is no longer computing and I'm exhausted and then I realize I'm only halfway to Friday. Thusly, I search for something, be it a person, article, event, etc. to empower me for the rest of the week. This week's natural power-up comes from a woman that if you don't know already know about you should. Tilt-Shift Twenty, Meet Robin Lawley.

She's had controversy for just being a healthy young woman in the modeling world, and she's been a breath on fiery fresh era through the entire thing. Robin visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show today (which you can watch here) and they discuss her career thus far and this ridiculous phenom called 'thigh gap' that's plaguing America. Robin is 6'2" and a size 12 and she is considered a 'Plus Size Model' and not fit for the runway, which is incredibly infuriating to me. Being a tall woman as well, clocking in at 5'11" and a size 6-8, I couldn't honestly ever imagine being any smaller than this, and when you see a photo of a Robin below, you won't be able to think anything else that she looks beautiful and not plus-size.


In response to this hubbub, Robin Lawley began to focus on the ideal of "Love Your Body" and focusing on food and eating healthy, even though, she says, eating is not the issue, it's the public perception. She also proceeded to point out that the national average is a 12-14. She reminded me that when I worry about if I should lose weight or eat less, that I am healthy and I should be proud of who I am regardless if I have a 'thigh gap' or not.

So thank you Robin Lawley, for standing up for healthy tall women, and all women today. You can check out her Tumblr here:

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